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John Wright Memorial Scholarship $2,000
Greater Texas Foundations Scholarship Amount Varies
Paula Webb Memorial Scholarship $1,000
Captain Adam Mooney Memorial Scholarship $1,000
Mike Turner Memorial Scholarship Amount Varies
Latino Faculty and Staff Association (LFSA) E Amount Varies
Babe Ruth League Scholarships Amount Varies
Intertape Polymer Group Scholarships Amount Varies
Jerome Perry Memorial Scholarship $1,250
Class of 1954 Scholarship $1,000
AIA/Architects Foundation Diversity Advancement $4,000
Mary Kate Carney Scholarship Amount Varies
Jones Family Scholarship Amount Varies
Professor Mike Anzaldua Music Direct Scholarship Amount Varies
Business and Professional Women of Kentucky Foun Amount Varies
Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (Easte Amount Varies
Donna Darovich Gridiron Scholarship $1,500
Moore-Eckel Scholarship $1,500
Steven Lee Kaufman Scholarship (Liberal Arts) Amount Varies
Allmand Law Scholarship $1,000
Ron Howell Caregiver Scholarship Amount Varies
Ralph Tieje Memorial Fund Scholarship $1,500
Dr. Hans Emil Heymann Memorial Endowed Scholarsh Amount Varies
Alumni Service Scholarship Amount Varies
Jim and Cecelia Mudd Scholarship Amount Varies
Superintendent's Scholarship Amount Varies
Ellen Shields Endowed Scholarship Amount Varies
Karen Ann Shopis-Fox Memorial Scholarship $2,500
Dr. Ivy M. Parker Memorial Scholarship $1,500
Madonna Hepler Nursing Scholarship Amount Varies
Hugh A. Nelson Memorial Scholarship $1,400
A. Myrtle Hensor Teaching Scholarship $1,000
Safe Cycling Scholarship $1,000
Gates Scholarship Amount Varies
CHC - Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship $500
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