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Crossword Hobbyist Crossword Scholarship $1,000
Champions for Christ Scholarship Amount Varies
Achievers in Technology Program $2,000
Paul B. Grein Scholarship $5,000
Doner Family Scholarship Fund Amount Varies
Minnesota Hockey Scholarship $1,000
Lori Rhett Memorial Scholarship Amount Varies
David & Susan Johnson Memorial Scholarship $1,000
Elizabeth Brittingham Pusey Scholarship $1,500
Roger D. Olson Agricultural Scholarship $1,000
Courageous Heart Scholarship $5,000
Quapaw Tribe Higher Education Program $2,250
Charles H. Bussmann Undergraduate Scholarship $2,500
VFW - Veteran's of Foreign Wars Post No. 1282 Sc $1,000
BAFTX Undergraduate Award Amount Varies
Aaron Wersing Employment Discrimination Scholars $1,000
Invest in Yourself Scholarship $1,000
Emily Gale Memorial Scholarship $725
Sister Helen Marie Pellicer Scholarship $1,000
Jean Lee/Jeff Marvin Collegiate Scholarships $1,000
Delta Eta Boule Foundation Undergraduate Student $10,000
SNMTS Paul Cole Scholarship $1,000
Clarence V. and Evelyn F. Amstutz Memorial Schol $2,000
Molly K Gibson Memorial Scholarship $3,000
Buren Fund Scholarship of the William Higgins Tr Amount Varies
Mary Rohrscheib Teaching Scholarship $1,000
The Mary F. McHugh Memorial Scholarship Amount Varies
TicketHelp Safe Driver Scholarship $1,000
Injured Individual Scholarship $1,000
Phillip Francis Lutzenkirchen Character Scholars $4,300
Olive Kendall Opportunity Award $3,000
Gissal Memorial Scholarship $1,000
Special Education Scholarship $500
Bob Warnicke Scholarship Amount Varies
World Trade Center Memorial Scholarship Full tuition
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