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Caryl Dundorf Scholarship $1,000
Dr. James and Winnie Barnes Scholarship Amount Varies
Henry Reineck Family Scholarship Fund I $750
Dorrance Scholarship Program $12,000
Kent Nutrition Group Inc. FFA Scholarship $1,000
Navy/Marine Corps/Coast Guard (NMCCG) Enlisted D Amount Varies
James A. Fiebig Music and Arts Award Amount Varies
Kimberly A. Van Den Elzen Memorial Scholarship Amount Varies
Myersville Lions Club Scholarship Fund Amount Varies
Craig D. and Ronda S. Neff Memorial Scholarship Amount Varies
Jeannette Turner Memorial Scholarship Amount Varies
Richard Weinreis Memorial Scholarship Amount Varies
Campbell McIntyre Scholarship $900
Swank Traveling Fellowship $2,000
Miriam Croft Moeller Citizenship Award Amount Varies
Walter Blackburn Scholarship Fund $3,000
Stevenson- John Thompson Memorial Scholarship Amount Varies
Paul and Athena Yeonas Memorial Fund Amount Varies
C.S. Hood Memorial Scholarship Amount Varies
Richard J. Dacey Memorial Scholarship Fund Amount Varies
Nursing Scholarship Endowment Amount Varies
Bruce and Teresa Mathis Scholarship $750
Kosciusko County Community Foundation Scholarshi Amount Varies
Kelley and Canterbury LLC Alaska Curiosity Schol $1,000
Bryan Crowe Scholarship for Achievement in Touri $1,000
Winnifred Stinson Basile Scholarship Amount Varies
Rachel Caroline Baker Memorial Scholarship Amount Varies
Derek F. Clark New Castle Scholarship $999
Michael Baker International Iraq Survivors Schol Amount Varies
Spanish American Cultural Center Scholarship Amount Varies
Ohio Wesleyan Cambridge A Levels Scholarship Amount Varies
NSCS Mentorship Award $1,000
B.H. and Betty Chesley Business Endowment Schola $2,500
MacIntyre Family Scholarship Fund Amount Varies
Guardian Fund $10
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