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Lyceum Scholars $10,000
Mary Rhein Memorial Scholarship $5,000
Anna Horton Transfer Academic Scholarship $21,000
H.M. Muffly Memorial Scholarship $2,000
Austin Peay Promise $4,000
Pennsylvania Land Surveyors' Foundation Scholars Amount Varies
Arlington School Foundation - Arlington Athletic Amount Varies
Derwood and Gail Anderson Endowed Scholarship Amount Varies
Tiger Award $10,000
Mary and Carroll Dukes Scholarship Amount Varies
Aline K. Trisler Music Scholarship Amount Varies
Howard and Marie Goodhew Fund Amount Varies
Marian E. Smith Endowed Scholarship Amount Varies
Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship $11,000
Ralph Boone Charitable Foundation Scholarship $5,000
Mary and Sharon Stringer Memorial Scholarship Amount Varies
Public Health Minor Scholarship Amount Varies
Sussex County Partnership Scholarship Amount Varies
JFEW Scholarship Amount Varies
Massachusetts Part-Time Grant $200
Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in $7,500
Jim Hamrick Athletic/Academic Scholarship $3,000
Louisiana Memorial Scholarship $750
John P. Reuschlein Scholarship Amount Varies
Alan and Susan Puzey Scholarship Amount Varies
Roger and Julie Blank Scholarship $500
First-Year Merit Scholarships $16,000
Philosophy Department Scholarship Amount Varies
Tunstall Academic Boosters Scholarship Amount Varies
Paros-Digiquartz Scholarship $2,000
Dan River Inc. Endowed Scholarship Amount Varies
AgCountry Farm Credit Scholarship $1,000
Dr. Aileen Creighton Memorial Direct Scholarship Amount Varies
Dean's Scholarship - Finance $1,500
Ewert Family Scholarship Fund Amount Varies
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