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How to Win the Posse Scholarship

The Posse Foundation was established to support diverse groups of students in their quest to become community leaders and contribute to the overall development of a strong and successful multicultural world. To this end, the Posse scholarship is given out every year in order to expand opportunities for young people from different and often under-represented backgrounds to get more money that they need to attend college and other post-secondary educational institutions. Their goal is to improve the world, and if you meet their criteria and are interested in applying for a Posse scholarship to help you in your quest for success, read on to learn about the eligibility rules and how to win against many other talented applicants.

Posse Foundation – A Different Way Forward

Unlike some other organizations or private donors that offer scholarships to students for college, the Posse Scholarship is not a separate entity from their overall mission and process. Their Scholar program involves nontraditional methods to nominate and assess students for a variety of beneficial qualities.

They do offer financial scholarships which never have to be repaid. However, they also offer pre-collegiate training to help diverse young people become leaders in their communities, an on-campus program to continue that support, and a career program for alumni and seeking high-quality internships and job placement. The entire Posse Foundation system is highly supportive for students who may not otherwise get attention for their accomplishments.

The Posse Scholarship Nomination Process

The first step to winning the scholarships they offer and inclusion with the other services is to be nominated for consideration in the Posse Scholar program. Eligibility requires active attendance of a high school as a first term senior, nomination from your school or a community group, clear demonstration of leadership, principal support of the community, school, or family, and a strong foundation of academic success and potential. 

Although the foundation focuses on diversity and multiculturalism, that does not mean you have to belong to a specific demographic in order to apply. Students from all backgrounds and walks of life are encouraged to submit applications. It is necessary, however, to embrace diversity and show a marked interest in teamwork and collaboration with all parts of the community or student body. Ambition, creativity, talent, and leadership skills outrank other criteria looked at by many merit-based scholarship programs.

Posse has multiple scholarship and nomination sections focusing on STEM, veterans, and the arts. They all have unique criteria and requirements that must be met in order to have your nomination considered. It is also important to note that this foundation only recruits from certain cities and partners with a relatively short list of universities and colleges across the country. The options are as diverse as the hopeful applicants.