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Scholarships for Women

While scholarships from a variety of sources are given out for everything from financial need to participation in a unique club, scholarships for women are some of the most common. This is especially true for those interested in the popular STEM fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Women surpassed men for the first time in 2014 when it came to percentage of college completion, and the gap between the genders continues to increase. Many could not have achieved this goal without the help of scholarships.

Even if you do not intend to get this type of degree, you can find multiple options for free college money. This list and the instructions about how to apply for scholarships and when will help you on your path to advanced education and a brighter future.

Common Elements of Different Scholarships for Women

The four main types of scholarships that exist for anyone include transcripts, essays, and letters. Some applications require all of these or any combination of two out of three. Always make sure you fully understand the directions in the application packet so you deliver exactly what they want. Always fill out all information completely, accurately, and with a high degree of professionalism. Remember you are trying to impress real people who make decisions about handing out free money for college.

A Short List of Women's Scholarship Opportunities

It would be impossible to cover all scholarships for women in a short blog post. Search throughout the site and the Internet for more opportunities. Remember, the more scholarships you apply to, the higher your chance of winning money that you never have to pay back.

• STAR scholarships
• Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting
• US Department of Education TEACH grants
ABC Humane Wildlife Control academic scholarship
• OpenStack Scholarship program
• Future Care scholarship
• UNCF Essence Scholars program
• Asian America Women's Alliance scholarship
• Patricia O'Connell Memorial scholarship
• AE Flight training scholarship
• NSCA Women's scholarship

These are just a few examples of the scholarships for women that focus on participation in different organizations, fields of study, races or cultural designations, and more. For every group, there are a multitude of scholarship opportunities out there to discover.

Tips to Win More Money Through Scholarships

As with other types of scholarships, you will want to be accurate and complete and follow all necessary rules. In addition, these tips will help you win more scholarships for women no matter what criteria they include:

• Start as early as possible to research and complete scholarship application packages.
• Do not ignore scholarships with small prizes. Everything adds up and they may have less competition, which makes winning easier.
• Give specific answers for each scholarship application. Do not copy and paste your essay or your response to open-ended questions.
• Ensure all official copies of necessary documents like transcripts are available.
• Always turn things in well before the deadline to counter any postal delays or IT glitches.

As more women than ever before attend colleges and universities for a wide variety of degree programs, the need for scholarships for women increases.