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Tips for Winning a Military Scholarship

While active duty military personnel may have benefits to provide money for advanced education, military scholarships are another way to increase the funding available. These are sometimes an option for people currently serving, veterans who have been honorably discharged, and retirees from every branch of the US military. Also, the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), which is an organization specifically for younger students, also offers scholarships.

Start With ROTC Membership

Young men and women frequently join ROTC in high school. It is intended as a training corps for those who want to make the military part of their career. When you sign up and get involved in this organization, you open yourself up to more possibilities for military scholarships. Since the later years of high school are exactly when you start applying for college and needing scholarships, it makes sense to get involved with the military at this time. There are specific times of year that ROTC scholarships become available, so keep track of the website so you do not miss your chance.

The decision to enter the military should take a lot of thought and consideration. If you join ROTC, graduate, and get a scholarship or take an advanced course, you are legally required to serve as an officer in the military after graduation. If you do not receive a scholarship, you do not have to serve. This means the decision to go for an ROTC scholarship needs to weigh the pros and cons of joining the military afterward because you will not have a choice.

Active-Duty Military Scholarship Tips

Most people who currently serve in the Armed Forces can attend college or university through their educational benefits package. However, even the military itself suggests applying to outside scholarships to increase available money. They tell you to start researching as many as possible, looking at scholarships not related specifically to the military or your field of study, networking with other servicemembers for information, and starting early. Also, military members should fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to maximize their chance of getting sufficient money for college from the start.

Eligible Family Member Scholarship Opportunities

While the military wants more educated members and extends financial help to veterans and retirees, eligible family members may also be qualified for many of these scholarships out there. These usually include spouses and children only. The most important factor in getting one of these scholarships is to know that they exist in the first place. If you have anyone in your immediate family who served in any branch of the military, do your research and find opportunities for yourself.

Winning a military scholarship as long as you qualify is not much different than winning any other type. You still need to follow all the instructions, write a winning essay, submit paperwork to meet the important deadlines, and have an acceptable GPA and test scores to qualify. Do not pass your dream of a college education up without looking for free money from military scholarship programs first.