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Tips for a Winning Scholarship Application

Most scholarships get a lot of attention from students who hope for free money for college or university. If you want to compete and obtain these rewards, these tips for a winning scholarship application will help you in your quest.

1 – Check Eligibility Requirements First

You will never win a scholarship that you are not eligible for. Also, applying anyway will give people a very poor impression of your ability to follow directions and research. These are not the ones you want while you go into your college years. Do not worry about finding scholarships to apply to, however. There are hundreds of options out there today, and you will surely find more than one that you can use.

2 – Complete the Application Fully and Accurately

Never leave out details that the application asks for. This goes far beyond simply filling in a form with your identification and contact information. Fully understand what the application committee is looking for every step of the way. This will also help you create an excellent essay that impresses them.

Accuracy matters as much as completion. If you make a mistake, it makes more sense to start the form or essay over again rather than attempting to erase or strike out a problem. Absolutely never lie or embellish the facts on your scholarship applications.

3 – Follow All Directions and Meet Deadlines

One scholarship selection committee may want a simple email and an essay. Another may ask for school transcripts and recommendation letters. One or more may prefer a video or creative project included. If you do not follow the directions, you will have no chance of winning a scholarship. Also, you absolutely need to meet all deadlines for each part of the process. No one on a scholarship committee will care if your Internet went out, your dog ate your application paperwork, or if you simply forgot. These are signs of irresponsibility, and that is a trait that does not win scholarships.

4 – Write a Winning Scholarship Essay

Continue to follow directions when it comes to writing the scholarship essay. Most applications involve a written portion. Some have specific writing prompts while others have more open-ended questions or topic suggestions. Make sure your essay topic matches the interests of the selection committee. Stay positive. Include a personal touch, but do not write a purely autobiographical report alone. Get creative with the approach you take, but do not stray into somewhere uncomfortable or just plain odd. You should come across as unique but not challenging.

5 – Edit, Proofread, and Ask For Help

Before you send the scholarship application package to the committee, go over the whole thing one or more times to make sure every single bit is 100 percent accurate, correct, neat, and rule-abiding. Edit and proofread your essay multiple times. Have someone else you trust look over the whole thing and give their first impression. When it comes to scholarship applications, you only have one chance to make an impact. You want it to be the best possible to increase your chance of getting money for your university or college education.