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Esports Scholarships – College Money for Gaming

High school students have received scholarships for academic excellence and winning big on the field in sports for a very long time. Today, teens who excel in video gaming have an ever-increasing chance of winning college money, too. Esports scholarships are growing in popularity all across the country, and young men and women are taking advantage of these amazing opportunities to use their particular talents for financial benefit when it comes to getting the degree they have always wanted.

What Are Esports?

Esports are competitive video games, and the term does not only apply to ones focused on actual real-world sports like football, basketball, or boxing. Most include types of battle arena combat, first-person shooting simulators, and any other fast-paced, competitive options. Esports have professional players, large spectator events in stadiums and convention centers, corporate sponsorships, and everything else conventional sports do. They also have an awful lot of fans and young people getting involved with group play and competition.

Can Any Video Gamer Get College Money?

No. Millions of high school students play computer or video console games at home for fun alone or with their friends. When it comes to earning esports scholarships, however, some type of organized competition must exist. High schools and communities all across the country and around the world have them, and any kids with skill and time can get involved.

What Schools Offer Esports Scholarships?

As far back as 2016, colleges all across the country offered more than $16 million worth of money for Esports experts. These students were part of high school teams and demonstrated their prowess with some of the most popular games. Colleges want these players just as much as they want a football star or a basketball rising talent. Esports events are just as competitive and potentially lucrative for the schools.

If you want to get an Esports gaming scholarship, research colleges and universities that have prominent gaming organizations and are part of the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE).

Some colleges and universities that offer Esports scholarships include:

·         Albright College
·         Arkansas State University
·         Central Methodist University
·         Concordia University
·         Full Sail University
·         Hawaii Pacific University
·         Ohio State University
·         Michigan Technical University
·         Texas A&M University 
·         University of California at Irvine
·         Many community colleges and technical schools

As the popularity of Esports and competitive gaming grows, it makes sense that more colleges and universities will offer financial aid and scholarships specifically to students who show considerable skills and dedication. The computer and video game industries represent billions of dollars' worth of sales. These pastimes are huge parts of many young people's lives. 

When fun hobbies turn into pro-level competition, the money will follow. This works the same way it does for physical sports like football and baseball. People want to participate, watch others battle it out for the win, and get involved themselves. Colleges universities want to take part in the growing Esports world. Giving scholarships to the best players makes sense.