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Oct 11, 2021
Secrets to Writing a Winning Scholarship Essay

A large part of receiving a scholarship award comes from writing a winning essay that impresses the individual or committee who makes the final decision. This essay needs to be so much more than ... Read More

Oct 7, 2021
What are the Pros and Cons of 529 Savings Plans?

A college education is one of the most expensive things a family or individual will have to pay for in their lifetime. It makes sense for parents or guardians to start thinking about this as early as ... Read More

Oct 5, 2021
Tips for Winning a Military Scholarship

While active duty military personnel may have benefits to provide money for advanced education, military scholarships are another way to increase the funding available. These are sometimes an option ... Read More

Sep 30, 2021
How to Get a Parent PLUS Loan

With so many different options for college funding these days, you may not know about the Parent PLUS loan option. These are specifically given to the legal parents of undergraduate students who need ... Read More

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